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A breathtaking true story of compassion and tough love

Buddhas's lost Cchildren


A former Thai boxer, turned Buddhist monk, Phra Khru Bah Neua Chai Kositto (also known as the Tiger Monk), travels widely on horseback, fearlessly dispensing prayers, health care, education and tough love to villagers far from the protection and support of governments or non-governmental organizations.

With his Golden Horse Temple he's built an orphanage, school and clinic - a haven for the children of the region, who see him as a shaman, father figure and coach.

Stunning cinematography, intimate filmmaking and a compelling story make this film an extraordinary experience of a hidden realm. BUDDHA'S LOST CHILDREN gives the term "grassroots Buddhism" new meaning, and in the end it's the children's journey we share. Their transformation from neglected village boys to self-confident novices.

Director Mark Verkerk gained unprecedented access to film this intimate and dramatic story over the course of a year on location in Thailand. The film is available in Thai with English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish subtitles.

Proceeds from the sales of this film benefit the Golden Horse Temple and its programs.

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