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A breathtaking true story of compassion and tough love

Support the Children

Support the Children

An important aspect behind the making of this film, for the film makers, is to raise awareness and continued funding for housing and education for the children depicted in the film.

Abbot Phra Kru Ba plans to continue developing the schooling facilities at the monastery to be able to cater to more children. Eventually the idea is to build a village school outside the temple grounds which would then be able also to take in girls.

Because Abbot Kru Ba and Khun Mae Ead and the children of the Golden Horse Temple are totally dependent on outside contributions as their only income, we can all help in giving financial support to this project.

EMS FILMS has is allocating a percentage of the film's world wide-revenue's to support the construction of the new school and sustained social work of the principals of The Golden Horse Temple and their community of orphans.

Information on collaborating organisations will be added soon on this site.

You can help by supporting the film!


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