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"This is classical documentary filmmaking of a high order."
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David Stratton, At the Movies.
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Thank you for your patience! The Two-Disk Collector's Special Edition is finally available from this site. The set includes the full theatrical version of the film with English subtitles and over 4.5 hours of bonus materials, subtitled in both English and Dutch. A portion of the sales of the DVD will go towards the building of a new school at the monastery. Thanks again for your patience and support! Click here for further information.

On Saturday September 27 2008 the film was broadcast on ARTE, Europe's premier cultural TV channel, in both French and German under the titles: Les enfants perdus de Bouddha / Buddhas verlorene Kinder (repeats on 30 Sept & 4 Oct 2008). French , German and Spanish language versions of the DVD will be available from December 2008.

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After a record 35 week theatrical run in the Netherlands, Buddha's Lost Children has screened in 17 cities across the USA to popular acclaim. It most recently ran in Salem MA where, after winning the Audience Award at the Salem Film Fest, the film out grossed a number of big budget first run movies such as 'The Other Boleyn Girl', '10,000BC' and 'The Bank Job'.
"Buddha's Lost Children will challenge your views on childhood, parenting, schooling, spirituality, and what we have the power to do, as individuals, to support the children in our struggling communities. I left the film inspired and humbled."
Dominic Cappello, author of Ten Talks About Violence
Buddha's Lost Children has also recently completed its theatrical run in Australia, screening in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
The film is now available there on DVD through local outlets.
"Buddha's Lost Children is richly affecting on many levels... most surprising is the depth of emotion we feel as we become involved in the lives of these young boys. This is a beautiful and uplifting film that leaves us with a genuine sense of harmony."
Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile.
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Buddha’s Lost Children wins the top documentary prize at the AFI Festival in Los Angeles receiving the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary (2006). The film also was awarded the City of Rome Prize (2006), at the Asiaticafilmediale in Rome and a Silver Dove (2006) at DOK Leipzig:
"For this extraordinary real-life adventure that recounts a superb tale of a heroic undertaking to create a better world, and all this brought to the screen with a breathtaking cinematic sensibility." Jury report
The film was also awarded the Crystal Film prize, at The Netherlands Film Festival for reaching a cinema audience of 10,000 in its first 15 days of release.
Buddha's Lost Children went on to win the Jury Award for Best Documentary at the Newport Beach Film Festival (2007), the prize for Best Global Insight Film at the Jackson Hole Film Festival (2007) the David L. Wolper Best Documentary Award at the Wine Country Film Festival (2007) and the Audience Award at the Salem Film Festival (2008).

"A warm reminder that compassion is not lost in this world." Ashton Do
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Order Buddhas Lost Children Online
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